Project Event Bling

Event visualization bling tools at an affordable cost

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We're V/R, a data visualization / explorables studio based out of Singapore.

We've been around 6 years, and we've done dozens of visualization and storytelling projects for clients across government, corporate, start-up, SMB, non-profits.

Project Event Bling

I am going to start this ideas pitch by talking about a project we've done for an existing events client in the visualization space.

I will then explain how I think it can be broadened to a proper product, how I see things, how it dovetails with your brief, and why working with an events company makes sense.

Live event visualization

Live viz tool 1

We have built a bespoke solution for a client of ours in 2019, MCI consulting (an international events company).

This is a live event visualization based on real-time data input from an audience.

What you are seeing is on V/R's staging server, MCI consulting has it on their own official website, which we help administer.

Live viz tools 2

Data is all collected on live mobile survey inputs, designed specifically for the audience.

Live viz tools 3

This is a then visualized live (shown to audience) based on collected results.

You can see this here.

Live viz tools 4

Every survey has their own individual result (we collect emails). MCI sends them their own personalized results later.

You can see this here.

Live viz tools 5

  • Personalizing results are an excellent way to make the event sticky for attendees.
  • So far this bespoke solution has been used in events in 3 events around the world: Antwerp, Rio De Janerio and Singapore.
  • Audience use QR codes to access the various links for the live events.
  • There is a moderation page for the surveys (hidden to audience), so that the event organizers can tweak the data live as necessary.
  • All data submitted for each event are tracked and stored. From a data perspective, data is gold and can be used for all kinds of business models.

My comments

  • This is not a product. It is a repeatable service where the client calls us to update their surveys and tweak the visualization results.
  • Idea: Create a self-service product where event folks can create their own surveys (templated), and then use this to run their own visualizations at events.
  • There is no dashboard for analytics, and from a reporting perspective, a lot more things can be done.

Problem / Opportunity

Problem statement recap

  • You’re a frazzled marketer already busy with day-to-day work and your CEO wants something “cool” to impress investors, partners and clients at an event.
  • You don't have much resources (money or time), and yet you want a showcase that impresses.
  • You also want to keep audiences sticky, track data and do reporting.
  • What if you could find some self-service cloud-based tool that helps with this?

Market and opportunity recap

  • Many marketers have traditionally very campaign-centric budgets. If you have a way to track data and link it back to KPIs, the value of the events shoot up.
  • Help marketers by giving them something bling at an affordable cost that they can use to impress stakeholders, especially at events.

My honest thoughts

  • From a visualization perspective, there are tons of tools out there. Most of them aim to solve the business intelligence / analytics portion.
  • Your brief can be answered by hiring a business analyst, get them to download all the data from the various event tools used (Pigeonhole, etc.) and then chart this up using Tableau or PowerBI.
  • There is no denying that BI is a huge market segment, but it is crowded with start-ups and companies.
  • Beyond analytics / reporting, one missing ingredient...

My honest thoughts 2

  • ... is the experience.
  • Visualization for bling and storytelling is a missing component that can be leveraged.
  • A lot of visualization tools are too generalized.
  • So marketers look for bespoke custom solutions, because they often start from the customer experience angle.
  • Reporting and analytics are of less concern until they are forced by their clients to account for them.

Another example

  • This is a 3D photo visualization project for Temask for their global event in Shenzhen, China, 2018.
  • Run at the large event hall, it was designed to run on self-service touchscreens and mobiles.
  • Something like this could be repurposed to be a long-term networking product for many events, instead of once-off code for a client.

Example continued

  • A possible product would be a networking tool: Help you find people you either knew the name (but don't know what they look like) or click on photos to find out about them.
  • Filters and sorts help make this easy, all tied together by cool curated 3D visualization bling.


Pitch: Project Event Bling

  • What if you take all of these lessons learnt to build a cloud-based platform to do different live visualizations, targeting the needs of a marketeer?
  • Want to find out the answers to the questions in your brief? (Next event to be run, etc.)
  • Ask the audience in fun, experential ways and give them back something to make the event sticky.
  • Create custom forms to get visualization data, or if you use 3rd party tools, ingest it into the platform.

Ideas: Customer Experience

  • Have different visualization types (for different categories), and charge marketeers a price to access viz types on the cloud-based tool.
  • Visualizations are embeddable. You can run this as a standalone or embed onto your site (via iFrame). No code on your end.
  • Make the visualizations continually fresh and novel by implementing new themes and styles of animation.

Ideas: Reporting / Analytics

  • At the same time, of course collate the data and track analytics.
  • Use visualizations to do powerful, customized reports for individual attendees who submitted data.
  • Data, once collected and collated, can be useful drivers of other business opportunities.
  • It will be remiss of me not to mention AI, ML when you talk about data. Can be really useful even though I think this is sometimes way overhyped.

Competitive analysis

  • Many of the product companies for data visualization target exploratory analysis, and the market is super crowded here.
  • From Tableau, to PowerBI, to dozens of start-ups out there. But relatively few target visualizations / tools for presentation.
  • A few: Piktocharts, Infogram, CartoDB all target specific niches.
  • Likewise, this is a niche product targeted at a specific audience.
  • Strengths: Six years of building visualizations in a studio, so we have some understanding of markets / client mindsets.
  • Weaknesses: We're not from an events background. We're mainly tech specialists, with a bit of design thrown in.
  • A contextual understanding of the events market is important to attack the market.

About V/R

  • V/R( is an interactive digital studio that has been around for 6 years.
  • We have a track record in the explorable and visualization space and have done dozens of projects. Clients include folks like Temasek, Fortinet, BASF, etc.
  • We are a technical crew. That is why clients buy us and stay with us in the first place. Here's our creds deck, gives an idea about out work.
  • Beyond this pitch, if you're interested in our work, do ping us!

About V/R 2

  • We already have an existing client-based business that will continue to run, irregardless of product ideas.
  • But having run this company for 6 years, it may be time to take some of the dozens of projects we've done for clients and explore turning them into products to pilot.
  • And for this events segment, we need the events context to make it really work.

So what do I want?

  • I am interested to find long-term partners to co-create product solutions.
  • Nobody has all the answers, and that's why you want to find folks who bring interesting ideas to the table.
  • So if you find these ideas interesting for the events space, let's have a BD chat.

So what do I want 2?

  • Validation / co-creation of product ideas with events folks.
  • Understand what resources are available to help scale my company if we choose to transit from more service to product company.
  • Mentorship, access to markets, tools, challenges to ideas. Funding is not likely to be a priority unless decide to scale.
  • There is no go-to-market strategies / budget projections in this pitch as yet as idea validation / fit is more important.
  • And anyway the OIP has already set some metrics for this challenge. So let's talk!


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