Visualizing Singapore

One dataset at a time

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Visualizing Singapore



Reason 1

Because in a world deluged by data, data visualizations help us make sense and understand the world better.

Story Time: Budget

Budget 2017

Story Time: GE 2015


Reason 2

Because the way information is presented can be improved, or seen from a different angle.

Dengue + Zika

NEA website

Dengue + Zika visualization

Population Demographics

Onemap: Population Query

Subzone: Age + Gender

Reason 3

Because it is more interesting when we look at the world through different lenses.

Mash-ups of different data sources can yield surprising stories and insights.

Taxi Availability

By: Yongquan Ben


By: Shangyang,

ClinicQueue SG

By: Hanif Salim and team

School Picker

By: (Yong Jun and Li Wei)

Interlude: Data storytelling

Global open data index


Why open data?


If is made obsolete by it will have done its job.

In the short-term at least, it is a useful platform for data stories/ apps from the ground-up.

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