Project Hogwarts

Ed-tech online assessment for PSLE / O Level / A Level


  1. Problems
  2. Objectives
  3. Components of ed-tech
  4. Competitive analysis
  5. Idea: Ed-Tech assessment platform
  6. Go to market strategy
  7. Projections
  8. Future

Problems (by audience)

Students | Parents | Educators

  • Students / Parents : Getting the kid over major exam hurdles so that they get into their school / university of choice
  • Students : Often streched for time with schoolwork and CCAs
  • Students : Tutition and assessment work is not fun. Low motivation
  • Parents : Time-starved parents have to learn the topics themselves, explain and mark assessments.
  • Parents : Busy parents have a hard time tracking kid's progress.
  • Educators : Getting data on students / curriculum content in the long term.

Objectives / Market opportunity

To build an ed-tech assessment platform that can help resolve some of the issues above.

Tuition market in Singapore is worth over a S$1 billion a year (2016 statistics).

Components of ed-tech

  1. E-learning component in learning management systems(LMS), be it video, interactive, or gamified.
  2. E-assessment component in LMS, where it can help with marking and workload.
  3. Video telephony solutions, where teachers don't need a physical space but still connect with students.
  4. On-demand question answering by tutors.
  5. Tution teacher matching solutions, where platforms simply place students with match pricing.
  6. Adaptive Learning, the latest buzzword in ed-tech where students can learn at their own pace and the content adapts to them.

Competitive landscape 1

Video telephony / on-demand answers / tutor matching

  • Tenopy. Used to do student-tutor matching platform, now working on VoIP ed-tech platform.
  • Snapask. Ask tutors and get your questions worked out.
  • Start Tuition. Student-tutor matching.
  • SchTutors. Student-tutor matching
  • Grabtuition. Student-tutor matching.

Competitive landscape 2

E-learning / e-assessment

  • Go-easel. Started in 2011 by Popular Bookstore
  • Tutate. Started in 2013 by Amoeba Software Studio
  • Koobits. Very similar to CueMaths. They used to have an assessment portion, but this has been discontinued.
  • Singapore Student Learning Space(SLS). Initiative by MOE, and they are spending millions on this.

A quick look at the market shows that e-assessment solutions seem to be more online stores for physical assessment books than assessment platforms.

They may have started as online ed-tech but have moved to physical books. A curriculum / content issue?

Review: Ed-tech functions

  • Of all the various different types of ed-tech available, is e-assessment the closest to Stalford's current business?
  • For e-learning pacakages you will go head-to-head with the behemoth that is SLS.
  • VoIP, tutor matching is all about bringing down the price point (not really about convenience).
  • Adaptive learning is too new that it lacks research results to show that it works for students.

Ideas for an ed-tech assessment platform

  • At base level, something similar to good assessment books requires good marking key that explains things. Auto marking to save parent's time could be a key issue.
  • Designed for tablets / mobiles in mind. Each assessment is broken up into friendly mobile chunks for the kid to do.
  • Onboarding: Designing rewards (e.g. more mobile game time), input of assessment schedule for the kid (e.g. 3 times a week, etc.). Psychology rewards used to motivate kids.
  • Time-based notification reminders to do assessment - can setup such that there is a parent notification.

Call to action

  • Market research: Can Stalford do a survey of parents to find out what is their biggest pain point?
  • Why are e-assessment platforms in Singapore mainly online stores to sell assessment books?

Go to market strategy

To discuss. Find out ways to merge the use of the ed-tech app with real world tuition classes.


To discuss.


  • Potentially become a marketplace, where you become a publisher of various content. I suspect this is a hurdle though.

Team / Portfolio

  • V/R( is an interactive digital agency that has been around for 5 years.
  • We have a track record in the explorable and visualization space and have done dozens of projects. Clients include folks like Temasek, Fortinet, BASF, etc.
  • We also have done fullstack work to build enterprise apps, so have skillsets in that area.
  • We are a technical crew that has depth in frontend work. That is why clients buy us and stay with us in the first place.
  • Do visit our site or come talk to us!


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