Interactive digital exhibition

for NLB

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Design and develop a digital interactive art piece for NLB's Natutal History Exhibition.

Design philosophy: Explorables

We are a studio who believes in explorables, or learning through interaction and play.

Our work are web-based pieces that often work on multiple form factors, including mobiles, tablets and desktops.

This way of doing content is often loved by our clients, as they can easily repurpose the content as websites, videos, etc.


Concept: Tree of Life viz

Group all the work of the two naturalists into an artistic tree of life.

You can explore the different branches of the visualization piece, which are animated.

Exploring each branch will showcase information on the content.

Idea of a UI tree concept (for another client) written by us.

Mood board

Working with NLB

We will work with NLB curators to figure out a concept that will make sense for the exhibit.


3D visualization

  • A 3D photo visualization for Temask for their global event in Shenzhen, China 2018.
  • Run on the ground at the the large event hall, it was also designed to be used as an internal directory after the event.
  • Run on the stage at presentation ceremony, but also for self-serve touchscreens and mobiles.

BASF: Utility

  • Explorable deck designed for self-service 55-inch exhibition touch screens at Plastex China event in 2018.
  • Dual language capability. When user does not touch the screen, it will go back to intro screen.
  • Also developed as a content piece for mobiles, touchpads and desktops. Designed to load fast. Rain is procedurally generated instead of video because of this.
  • Also check out BASF Elastopave and Haptex, similar pieces done for the client.

Fortinet Cyberdefender

  • An interactive storytelling game game built for Fortinet, where you play as the Chief Security Officer of a fictional MNC.
  • Designed as a teaser / icebreaker to get players to understand security ramifications, and how best to survive if you have a limited budget.
  • Last updated 2020. Example of more complex interactivity.


  • Parallax website built for FirstBridge (schools in Singapore, Bali Butan)
  • Gives an idea of how to animate line-based artwork.

3D code art: Winter Wonderland

  • Procedurally generated, mathematically calculated infinite runner animation.
  • Gives an idea of 3D animation possible.
  • Newer iteration (2019) of previous piece.

Want more?

In the six years that we've been around, we've literally done dozens of visualization and storytelling projects for clients across government, corporate, start-up, SMB, non-profits.

If there is a need to wow and present ideas better to an audience, I'm certain we can be of help.

Please check out our website at V/R for more.



Estimated costs are based on man day rates at S$700 per day across all functions - design, technical, client management.

Cost expenses will be broken down into itemized timesheets during the project schedule so costing is transparent.

Our interactive work can often be reused with a little tweaking as they are all web-based.

Breakdown by mandays

Item Estimated man days Budget

Scripting, storyboarding, content

3 days


Art design

5 days


UX development (Code implementation)

5 days


Animation (code implementation)

5 days


UAT / Deployment

2 days


Client Management / Project Management / Support

5 days


25 days


We will not be quoting for bird sounds, as we are not familiar with the licensing costs.

Sample timeframe

$17,500 is 25 man days of work.

We expect that this work is split approximately over 6 to 8 weeks of work from the V/R team from award of contract.

Item Week

Initial meeting, milestones and delivery planning


Scripting, storyboarding


Art Production / Animation / Coding

3 - 7

UAT / Deployment


Our work process

  • We tend to prototype in code (best way to show off animation) so initial storyboading is simpler.
  • Prototypes will be shown on V/R's staging test servers (links sent across email) weekly / fortnightly. This is a good way to cut down on meetings!
  • Here's an example of our reporting for our client Attilatech.
  • Good communication will ensure that both sides expectations are managed.

Technical considerations

  • Modern browser support (browsers in the last two years).
  • For the showcase, this will be Chrome, and run full screen mode (F11)
  • On ground NLB vendor /staff to prep the touchscreens / PCs (Windows preferred) such that it runs a browser 24 hours without disruption as we are not supplying the hardware.
  • Please note that technical support costs not due to V/R (i.e. other vendors / NLB technical staff) will be billed at our discretion.


V/R founder bios


Ex-journalist / PR / marketing / technology hybrid. Past lives in tech, in-house, agency, and media, like Straits Times, British Telecoms, and GollinHarris.

Kok Keong

Web and computing guru with a Master’s degree in networking. Past lives in academia and high-tech start-ups like Converscient and Antlabs. Founder of web tech company Mobrick.

Both founders each have about 15+ years of experience in their respective fields of work.

Servicing team

Chi-Loong, (LinkedIn resume)

Creative director, client management, code art

Kok Keong

Code architecture / code support

Alica Tan

Artist and design

If necessary we will get other V/R engineers / artists to support as necessary.


If you need references (e.g. emails) from any of the clients featured, please drop us a note!

Why V/R?

In a nutshell, quality.

We design and build beautiful quality interactive work for clients because we're passionate about the work.

An entirely local Singaporean outfit, we build serious games, data visualizations, animations and product dashboards.

We believe our work speaks for itself - a blend of good UX storytelling and technical excellence.


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