Project V/R Bling

Marketing bling tools at an affordable cost

Problem statement

  • You’re a frazzled marketer already busy with day-to-day work and your CEO wants something “cool” to impress investors, partners and clients at an event.
  • You don't have much resources (money or time), and yet you want a data showcase that impresses.
  • What if you could find some self-service cloud-based tool that helps with this?

Market and opportunity

  • Budgets for marketers are going more and more into the digital pot (rather than PR or media buys), so there is a growing market for digital work. Ref: adage article
  • Many marketers have traditionally very campaign-centric budgets. Marketers are often chasing the novel, and their KPIs are leads.
  • Help them by giving them something bling at an affordable cost that they can use to impress stakeholders, especially at events.
  • This goes beyond marketers, and includes any company that needs to make an impression.

Solution: Marketing bling tools

  • Specific example: 3D data visualizations of people.
  • Useful for hyping up attendees or speakers at events. Can be run on multiple form factors - large touch screens / desktops / mobiles.

Solution: Marketing bling tools 2

  • Data is input to a cloud platform, and what you get is an embeddable visualization. You can run this as a standalone or embed onto your site (via iFrame). No code on your end.
  • Charging model: like many companies, a monthly cloud-based subscription for access to the tool.
  • Make the visualizations continually fresh and novel by implementing new themes and styles of animation.
  • Other ideas based on previous work: Spin-the-wheel lucky draw systems (useful for marketing events), and Globe/map inspector tools (to showcase locations, etc.)

Competitive analysis

  • Many of the product companies for data visualization target exploratory analysis, and the market is super crowded here.
  • From Tableau, to PowerBI, to dozens of start-ups out there. But relatively few target visualizations / tools for presentation.
  • A few: Piktocharts, Infogram, CartoDB all target specific niches.
  • Likewise, this is a niche product targeted at a specific audience.
  • Strengths: Five years of building visualizations in a service company, so we have some understanding of the markets / client mindsets.

Go to market strategy

  • Target event companies first who might need to hype their attendees / speakers once the MVP is out.
  • Best case scenario: Partner with an event company who will use a customized version as part of their product offering.
  • Get them to try out the product for cost / free, work out the user experience kinks, then start the cloud-based charging model.
  • Update service offerings to existing customers and database list.
  • Do marketing online (GoogleAds, LinkedIn) to get exposure to potential customers.
  • This is a cloud-based platform, so no channels here.


  • Basic cloud tier at USD $29.90 per month.
  • 1,000 customers in year 1 after MVP launch = USD$3K per month for platform
  • 10,000 customers in year 2 = USD $30K per month
  • Servicing side of the company will customize special requirements for big clients / partners

Future ideas

  • Potentially become a marketplace like Envato, etc. Trouble is, there are already a lot of marketplaces, so this idea is for further down the road if idea takes off.
  • Similar to Twitterfall, FontAwesome who started as free tools/libraries then became a platform businesses.

Team / Portfolio

  • V/R( is an interactive digital agency that has been around for 5 years.
  • We have a track record in the explorable and visualization space and have done dozens of projects. Clients include folks like Temasek, Fortinet, BASF, etc.
  • We also have done fullstack work to build enterprise apps, so have skillsets in that area.
  • We are a technical crew that has depth in frontend work. That is why clients buy us and stay with us in the first place.
  • Do visit our site or come talk to us!

Call to Action

  • Validation of product ideas with more external folks.
  • Understand what resources are available to help scale the company if we choose to transit from more service to product company.
  • Mentorship, access to markets, tools, challenges to ideas. Funding is not a priority.


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